Beginner’s starter pack  £8.00


 The Guild of Needle Laces Basic Instruction Book

Calico, sticky backed plastic, thread, needles



Lifting Stick   £4.50 



Crochet Hook   £6.00

10cm x 11 mm


In needle lace a fine crochet hook is useful drawing threads through the cordonet.


Ring, Couronne or Hedebo Sticks come in various sizes.

For some time we have sold a basic range of small, medium and large.



Small   10.5cm x9mm                  £6.00              

Medium 14cm x 12mm                £7.00

Large     13cm x 15mm                £8.00




Necklace Magnifier     £15.00



A useful tool to help you magnify your work, check you have all the loose thread removed or that your stitch lies well.