Tools and Kits



There are really few requirements for needle lace. It can be said that all you need is a needle, thread and some support fabric, however, we all love special tools.


Traditionally ladies worked needle lace on a roll pillow. Many do so today. We sell a pillow with a support stand. The pillow is covered in fabric, either navy blue or green and measures 9 inches long.



Beginner’s starter pack  £8.00


 The Guild of Needle Laces Basic Instruction Book

Calico, sticky backed plastic, thread, needles


 A needle Lace pillow Box. The has a shallow box with a half pillow on top. The beauty of this is that you can store all your equipment in the box, especially useful if you are attending needle lace classes. 

.We have various woods, Contact us to see what we have on the day you consider ordering.


Pillow tops are in a variety of colours again contact us for details.


 Pillow Box £50.00





Pillow box open showing the shallow compartment for your tools.




Lifting Stick   £4.50 



Pin your support fabric onto the centre of your pillow. The exact position depends on how you like to work. Pin it over the top at first, then you can move it to how you find best to work. I sit with my pillow on my lap but others like to sit at a table. Take the lifting stick in your set and slide it between the support fabric and the pillow. This will help you to make your stitches. Put it where you are going to begin. The lifting stick will lift the area where you will stitch slightly away from the pillow.



Crochet Hook   £6.00

10cm x 11 mm


In needle lace a fine crochet hook is useful drawing threads through the cordonet.


Ring, Couronne or Hedebo Sticks come in various sizes.

For some time we have sold a basic range of small, medium and large.


Contact us if you require a different size.

Petite   7cm x 8mm                     £5.00

Small   10.5cm x9mm                  £6.00              

Medium 14cm x 12mm                £7.00

Large     13cm x 15mm                £8.00

Jumbo                                      £15.00


Now we have added very small and very large to the range.

The extra large size was designed for a customer who uses an embellisher.

She makes the couronnes using fabrics to wind round and then stitched buttonhole stitch loosely round.

These couronnes were then dyed.

They were then attached to her fabric which was embellished.

Maybe you can think of other ideas?

 Brass Stileto       £10.00

 Handle 9cm x 13mm, Brass 60mm x 6mm

  Wooden Stileto  £6.00

 10.5cm x 9 mm

 Useful when you need to manipulate your needle lace stitches. Also used to pierce fabric in either embroidery or stump work.




Aficot   £12.00



I take orders and send an Invoice when new stock arrives.


This tool originally was made from a lobsters claw. Hence the shape which should lie comfortably in your hand.

 It is used to lay and burnish threads.


Necklace Magnifier     £15.00



A useful tool to help you magnify your work, check you have all the loose thread removed or that your stitch lies well.




Floss Pallet     £4.00


Store length of thread to use later in your projects.

Size 6 inches by 2 inches at the widest point.


Thread Spikes

Will keep your spool of thread safe.





 £5.00 each


Five sizes


Large -   45mm x 13mm

Dumpy - 28mm x 12mm

Medium - 32mm x 10mm

Stumpy - 18mm x 12mm

Tiny  -    17mm x 7mm


See SETS for special offer of half cone sticks


Trumpet Cones will Create three dimensional embroidery flowers with inner trumpets such as daffodils, fuchsias etc.


These tools are designed to aid raised embroidery and achieve the correct shapes for trumpet flowers used in stump work designs.


Two differnt size cones in a pack.